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Anti wrinkle/muscle relaxant injections

For the elimination of lines to the UPPER face. One virtually painless treatment can help to dissolve away lines and crows feet, worry lines to the forehead and glabella area, and can lift and balance eyebrows giving a more open eyed look-naturally.

A minute measure of botulinum toxin is injected to the specified muscle area that causes dynamic lines, an example would be, crows feet or frown lines.

This injection will temporarily prevent the nerve signals from reaching the specified muscle area. As a result, the muscle area relaxes. As the muscle relaxes the skin smooths out.

Habit breaking treatment to ”retrain” the muscles.

Treatment can take from as little as 10 minutes and most people can just return to normal activities immediately afterward.

The smoothing effect of the first treatment usually lasts for up around 3 to 4 months.

Areas we can treat with botox

  • Botox forehead – to smooth forehead lines
  • Botox frown lines – to smoothen lines between eyebrows and lift eyebrows
  • Botox brow lift – to lift eyebrows
  • Crows feet – to smoothen lines around the eyes
  • Gummy smile – to reduce gummy smile
  • Mouth corners – to lift up mouth corners
  • Neck lift – to tighten neck muscles and sharpen jawline
  • Bunny lines – to smoothen lines either side of the nose
  • Armpits – to stop excessive sweating in armpits
  • Masseters botox – to stop teeth grinding and create a slimmer face
  • Headaches – improvements in headaches are seen with botox
  • Lips  (lip flip) – to reduce smokers lines above lips
  • Hands – for excessive sweating

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