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PDO threads

PDO thread lifts are a new, extremely popular treatment used for aesthetic purposes. They are used to create an instant lift of the skin, as well as promote collagen production and tighten the skin. Not only to threads create a lift but also give plumping and volumisation.

They can create a dramatic lift, or a more subtle lift, depending on which threads are used, and can create a variety of effects. For example they are typically used to treat :

  • Jowls – lift cheeks and reduce sagging
  • Cheeks – lift cheeks and reduce sagging
  • Jawline – improve jawline definition
  • Eyebrows – fox eye lift to treat hooded eyebrows
  • marionette lines – lift middle and lower face
  • nasolabial fold – lift middle and lower face
  • tear troughs – improve under eye hollows by creating more volume
  • neck – to stretch skin in the neck reducing creases and wrinkles

There are also a variety of other areas, which you can discuss with the doctor.

The treatment takes between 15-30 minutes, and anaesthetic is applied locally to minimise any pain, and ensure you are comfortable throughout the treatment

Effects can last up to a year, and sometimes longer (18 months)

Prices vary depending on the type of threads used and the area – from £200

These treatments can be combined with injectables.

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